About Us

Gaul translates to trendy, social or cool in Bahasa. Having spent 7 years in the New York and Los Angeles fashion scene, The founder- Audrey Naumanen, has seen her fair share of "trends" come and go as quick as a flash. After her exit from a dizzyingly fast pace life in the big city, she found serenity and tranquility living with the slow island life pace in Bali. She strongly believes in slow fashion, quality over quantity and creating classic products that will always be in vogue. Determined to build a brand deep-rooted in these believes, Gaul The Label is born.

At this company, we are committed to present to you timeless trends and romantic pieces destined to become the vintage treasures of tomorrow. The Gaul way is to do things the right way instead of the fast way. Each design we create is meticulously thought out, consciously sourced, and utilizes highly skilled artisans which produce lasting products you can love for years to come. We launch single products at a time instead of seasonal wide-range collections so that every classic item will become a natural extension of our timeless and elegant assortment.